Market bags for everyone!

So now that my holiday gifts have been distributed, I suppose I can mention them.  This year, I made three market bags, two pairs of slipper socks for women, one pair man-sized slipper socks, two baskets, one hat (with a skull and crossbones), another hat (sans skull and crossbones) and one cowl.

I used three different patterns for the market bags, since each would have a somewhat different function.

I made the first one using this pattern and cotton twine, so it is huge and UBER sturdy; it was for my stepdad, who needed a big, sturdy bag for his trips to the library.
Paul bag

The second one was for my friend Claire (who does the historical reenactments).  She has a collection of antique cooking accessories that she demonstrates at events, one of which is an apple peeler.  I thought it would be nice for her to have a fancy bag to carry the apples in.  I used this pattern and Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn in off-white:

Sakura Market Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Claire bag

Lastly, I made one for my mum.  I learned enough from the previous projects to design this one myself.  I used Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn, which stretches, allowing the bag to expand.  Also, I made the handles longer, so she can sling it over her shoulder.
Stretchy bag

I’m fairly pleased with how these turned out – in particular the Sakura bag.

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