Starting from scratch … almost

Okay – so you may be aware that several wildfires have plagued the western United States. My house and pretty much all of my possessions were one of the casualties. Jack and I had about thirty minutes to load what we could into our cars and evacuate, which meant that I had to prioritize. I got the crucial stuff and managed to grab a couple bags of yarn as well (a fraction of my stash). There are a couple of items I wish I had thought of to include, in particular the Lindley long sweater; the one item that turned out exactly as I had wanted. I’ve since bought more Lion Brand Jeans yarn and will re-create it, but I wish that wasn’t necessary.

In the meantime, the most important thing was to get a roof over our heads. After eight days in a hotel room with another person, a cat and a turtle, the walls were starting to close in. Fortunately, a friend of Jack’s offered us his second house and we’ve been there since. We’ll be renting from him long-term, but he has let us stay for free for the past few weeks. He’s been reluctant to accept much from us, so I thought something for his daughter, who is off in college, would be acceptable. After looking at some pictures of her, I decided to make the Dragon Belly scarf with YarnArt Flowers yarn in a variegated pink to purple. This is a deceptively simple scarf, but elegant. I may make more of them.

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