Three friends – three scarves

I and three friends – Susan, Anu and Linda – have been going to lunch together for years. We used to work together and had many adventures, building, supporting and maintaining the software our company created. Although COVID has put the kibosh on our lunches, we’re still in touch.

Okay – so what does this have to do with crocheting scarves?

This all started when I was perusing yarn at the Hobbii website. My particular favourite of theirs is Twister Deluxe. I’ve made a number of scarves with that yarn and loved how they turned out. I kept going back to the Imperial Purple colour and a little voice in the back of my mind kept saying, “Susan would LOVE this colour – GET IT.” So I did. And I already had a couple skeins of other colours that I had been meaning to do something with and I decided that I’d make a scarf or shawl for each of my friends.

Susan’s pattern was the easiest to choose; after a very short bit of waffling, I decided that the Lost in Time pattern (which I’ve done a couple times before) would best showcase the spectacular colours in this scarf. I used a 5mm/H hook and it used all of the yarn.

(This colour combo is SOOOO Susan.)

The next one was for Anu. I picked a very dark red yarn that variegated to a medium peach colour, but I wanted to use just the red part. One pattern that I had pondered and set aside for later was the Daughter of Dragons scarf. ( That seemed perfect for this colour. I used a 4.5mm hook and the scarf consumed about two thirds of the yarn. I used the rest to make Anu a market bag (no pattern – I’ve made so many of these I just winged it; did I take a picture? No, I didn’t).

Bloody hell – are those my toes??

Linda’s gave me the most trouble. I had the yarn, but could not decide on a pattern. I settled on one, made it halfway through the shawl and decided that it wasn’t good enough and frogged it. I considered several patterns and finally chose the Marina Wrap (, which really seemed to lend itself to the yarn colour. But when I used the recommended 4mm hook size, it turned out much too small. So, once again, I frogged it and started over with a 5mm hook. The scarf finally looked like I thought it should and was a proper size. There was some yarn left over, so I made Linda a market bag as well (picture? Ummm… no).

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bridget Aitchison says:

    Thank you for making my Daughter of Dragons scarf. It turned out beautifully! Your work is lovely!!!


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